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MSMEs land ownership scheme​

cove real estate is set to deliver over 10,000 plots of lands to Micro, small and medium enterprises annually as a support for their contribution to the nation’s economy in other to grant them secured assets that would empower their businesses.

this land ownership scheme will be delivered through a competitive selection of 10,000 MSME (Small and Medium Enterprise) who will become project delivery partners for the execution of our housing projects across Nigeria. the aim of this programme is to promote local content by utilizing indigenous small businesses as suppliers and contractors for our immediate and future home and development projects.

MSME project delivery partners will be assigned units to develop within an estate development project and will be under the supervision of a higher cadre of partners called Project Managers. From supplies of building materials to project managements, from electrification works to interior decors, to furnishing and other minor jobs, these MSMEs will work with us all the way to realizing our ambition of providing land and home ownership options for millions of Nigerians.

this program avails an MSME and opportunity to be our project deliver partner through owning a land in one of our teeming estates across Nigeria. under this scheme, the MSME will own the lands through a flexible repayment plan for a period of 12 months or 18 months.


Only qualified and selected MSME will stand a chance to be part of this scheme.


To be eligible to be selected for this program, you must fulfill the following obligations :

how to get started

We have put in place o seamless process in FOUR simple steps:

Providing your details through this portal does not guarantee that your services will be engaged.

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