KidLand program

Kidland program is a first from Cove Real Estate for children between the ages of 0 _ 14 years. This specially packed program is designed to protect the future of children in Nigeria from uncertain investment options.

It’s a known fact that Real Estate investment is still the most profitable investment in the world and this is a veritable security for your children’s future which enables them to own a landed property at a tender age, which will appreciate in value when they are of age to make financial decisions. This special land ownership scheme targeted for children has a super convenient payment plan of up to 24months (2years).

With Kidland program, you can invest your wealth in your children in such a way that the value appreciates daily well beyond your lifetime and theirs.

As you know that the greatest investment on earth is earth. Don’t wait till your children grow old before looking for a plan for them invest now, to insure their future. This Program Is Fit: When you run a polygamous home When you want to do charity for kids When you want to give gifts to Children When you want to give prize for competition When you want to plan ahead for your child When you have bulk cash and need to quickly secure the funds When you want to empower all the graduating school children in your school; Take a portion of their school fees and give them a lifetime experience by keeping you and your school forever in their memory etc.

Payment plan

100k – 600k deposit – 21k for 24months
100k – 500k deposit – 34k for 12 months

How to get started

We have put in place our seamless process in FOUR simple steps:

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